Current TODO List

The following is an automatically generated list of TODO items from the source code.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the project could well start on implementing a new feature, or address one of these existing TODO items.

The convention to mark a TODO item in the code is the # TODO: prefix, followed by HIGH, MED, LOW which is a very simple indicator of urgency.

  • HIGH are items that should be addressed by the next round of edits / release

  • MED are items that might require some form of re-design to be applied and require more long-term thinking.

  • LOW are items that would be good to have at some point in the future but are not immediately required to deliver a specific piece of functionality.

The following list has been produced with the doc/ script and is formatted in the standard egrep -Hn output format.

Specific Items

TODO List as of Sat May 9 23:41:52 BST 2020
../dgtools/ TODO: HIGH, Add a mode that only generates an update of the VM state when the state of one of the tracked symbols changes
../dgtools/ TODO: MID, Reduce code duplication by packaging this validation in a function
../dgtools/ TODO: HIGH, the following operations can be "absorbed" into the DGB_Archive with appropriate validations too
../dgtools/ TODO: MED, There might be constraints in the depth of this stack. Not yet implemented.
../dgtools/ TODO: LOW, Make the speed setting functional
../dgtools/ TODO: MED, addr cannot go higher than 252 or it will overwrite peripherals. It should generate a warning.
../dgtools/ TODO: LOW, Obviously, each command can be abstracted in its own callback so that the VM becomes easily 
../dgtools/ TODO: LOW, Unsupported opcodes could be intercepted and re-interpreted?
../dgtools/ TODO: MED, In CBR and SBR, if the bit is zero, it should raise an error at compile time.
../dgtools/ TODO: MED, If you get a RETLA without first having called CALL, it should raise an exception at compile time.